Little Taste of Italian History

Little Taste of Italian History

As a fifth generation Italian, my roots grow from the southern city of Naples located just two hours south of Rome. Family gatherings are often focused around food and are not only considered nourishment but also a way of life.

Regarded by many as an art form, Italian cuisine has influenced the food culture around the world.  The main ingredient of any Italian dish is the enjoyment of sharing that meal with family and friends.

Renowned for its distinctive style of Pizza, Naples opened the world’s first pizzeria in 1830 setting the foundation for “Pizza” being one of the few words which is understood in essentially every part of the world today.  Farmed fresh produce from the southern regions are considered a great part of the history of Italian cuisine, forming the basis of some of our most beloved dishes. A great example is the vine ripe tomato which thrives in the warm climate encouraging the rich and spicy tomato sauces that we have come to love and expect when we step inside an Italian eatery.

This region produces some of the best olive oils in the world along with durum wheat used for making pasta. Considering freshness is paramount to Italian cooking, ingredients such as garlic, sweet basil, artichokes, olives, peppers and eggplant are just a few of the staples you will find in Italian kitchens and gardens.

At Franco’s it is all about tradition, which means the food will be excellent, locally sourced and steeped in Italian authenticity. We use a wide variety of pasta and imported cheeses to create timeless classics like made from scratch Eggplant Parmigiana, fresh caught Grouper Piccata and our homemade family style Lasagna.

The kitchen is principal to the hearts and minds of Italian families, if you are in the neighborhood, pull up a chair where your family will become part of Franco’s large extended family.

Dal Nostro Tavolo Per La Vostra! ~ From Our Table to Yours!

Clorinda Bassolino Meadlock – Owner of Franco’s Italian Restaurant, Orange Beach, AL